Front of Castle
Take the rock at the bottom left corner.
Cut the rope with the scissors.
Tie the rope to the hook and the other end to the pin that is stuck in the tree.
Throw the rock at the machinery.
Take the pin and the rock.
Press the button near the door to lift the gate.
Look at the door.
Use the pin on the tiny hole to open the door.
Take the rope and take an ant.
Entrance Room
Turn over the picture and remember the number, 1: 6019.
Cold Room
Take the mirror, magic book, cheese book, flowerpot and first penny.
Read both books.
Tie the rope to the rock, throw the rock at the latter and climb up.
Living Room
Take the broom stick.
Use the broom stick to get the remote control on top of the milk machine.
Use the rope and rock on the hook.
Climb up.
Passage Room
Take one end of the Extension Chord.
Weird Room
Use the extension chord on the window.
Peel the wall paper to receive "How to Make a Flying Broom" and then read it.
Climb down & jump to the right.
Take the lightning piece in the sand.
Witch's House
Talk to the witch.
Go out the window.
Back Of Witch's House
Take the flat dirty stone.
Look at the writing on the wall.
Go up the roof.
Witch's House Roof
Take the fly.
Push the log down.
Entrance to Witch's House
Push the log to the water and use it to get across.
Cold Room
Take the Sticky Shoes and wear them.
Use the log to get back to the witches house.
Witch's House
Go into the attic.
Turn on the light and take the second penny.
Move the buttons to their correct slots using the number you saw on the back of the picture,
(1: 6019) ignore the 1: it's just to show you that it's the first numbers
Now go back to the castle and climb all the way up.
Castle Roof
Take the soap.
Use the soap on the flat dirty stone.
Try to move the boulder, you don't have enough strength.
Take the shovel and the third penny.
Front of Castle
Dig under the stop sign to get a pot.
Living Room
Connect the milk machine using the extension chord.
Use all 3 pennies to receive milk.
Take the Extension Chord.
Passage Room & Chicken Room
Connect the extension chord to both rooms, like it was at the beginning
Now the GAB machine is plugged in.
Go to the witch's house,
jump from the same place you jumped when you were hanging on to the extension chord.
Witch's House
Give the pot to the witch.
Eat the apple. Now you are stronger.
Leave the room and return. Wow that was fast!
She has made a cheese potion.
Back Of Witch's House
Take the shovel and try to dig everywhere.
You will receive an electric drill and a locked box.
Read the small writing on the wall using the round glass.
1 - Entrance
2 - Blue Light
3 - Yellow Friend
Witch's Roof
Read the cheese book.
You will need to put the ingredients through the chimney because she won't let you use her pot.
Pour the cheese potion and the milk into the chimney.
Witch's House
Take the cheese.
Leave and enter the room.
Take the GAB card.
Castle Roof
Move the big rock. (Now your strong enough because of the apple you ate)
Take the key.
Remember Blue=Ants.
Put the GAB card and the magic book in the gab machine and press the button.
Take the magic book and read it.
You need salt water, so drill as many wholes as you can in the salt container,
the salt will fall into the water at the bottom of the castle.
Passage Room
Unlock the door.
Go to the balcony and take the frog.
Living Room
Wake the prince by shutting off and turning on the TV.
Quickly use the frog on him before he falls back asleep.
Take the goggles.
Entrance Room
Use the cheese on the mouse hole and take the mouse.
You need plant liquid, so make a whole ion the cactus using scissors or the electric drill.
Use the empty bottle on the cactus hole to take cactus juice.
If the bottle has water in it, drink the water to empty the bottle.
Front of Castle
Use the mouse on the cat and take the cat.
Use the small key on the locked box and take the red gem.
Go to the witch's house.
The fastest way is to go up to the balcony and then go right.
If you want, you can speed up your walking in the options.
Witch's House
Give the cat to the witch.
Take the broom head and use it on the broom stick.
Now all you need is feathers to make a flying broom.
Take the hair at the corner of the room.
Now you can make the "Raise The Dead" potion.
Witch's Roof
Pour the cactus juice into the chimney.
Put the hair in the chimney.
Go to the beach fill the bottle with salt water and pour it in to the chimney.
Go to the witch's house and take the "Raise The Dead" potion.
Fill up the empty bottle with water.
Put on the goggles and go into the water.
Take the sleep seeds.
Use the pin on the crack.
Notice, on the back of the fish there is a number, 3: 4717.
Now you have the third number but where is the second number?
Remember the small writing on the wall of the witch's house?
1 - Entrance
2 - Blue Light
3 - Yellow Friend
The first number was behind the picture in the entrance room,
the third number is on the back of the fish (Yellow Friend).
So where is the second number? Blue Light?
Living Room
If you shut off the lights in the living room while the TV is on, you get a blue light.
At the left of the trampoline you can now see the second number, 2: 9303.
Before you go to the attic to solve the puzzle, let's do some other things.
Cold Room
Put the flower pot on the shelf and put the seeds in the flower pot.
Water the seeds.
Entrance Room
Turn off the left light and turn on the right light. (Both on, makes the fuse jump)
If you need to switch on the fuse then open the fuse box and switch on the fuse.
Drill a hole in the crack on the right wall.
Cold Room
Put the mirror on the nail.
Leave the room and return.
Take some sleep leaves.
Chicken Room
Give the chickens the sleep leaves.
Leave the room and return.
Take feathers from one of them.
Use the feathers on the broom and read the wallpaper.
Go to the balcony and put on the wings.
Fly up and take the blue GAB card.
Put the red gem in the "R" hole. (Only five more to find)
Castle Roof
Put the blue GAB card and the magic book in the gab machine and press the button.
Take the magic book and read it.
You need an ant, a fly and a spider.
You have an ant and a fly, so let's go get the spider.
Entrance Room
Use the "Raise The Dead" potion on the human leg.
Take the spider and the dead butterfly.
Now we can make a shrinking potion and fit through the underwater passage.
Use the "Raise The Dead" potion on the dead butterfly.
Wow, a white gem. (Only five more to find)
Witch's Roof
Put the insects into the chimney.
Go to the witch's house and take the shrinking potion.
Witch's Attic
Solve the puzzle.
1: 6019
2: 9303
3: 4717
Wow, a purple gem! (Only three more to find)
Drink some shrinking potion and go into the secret room.
Secret Room
Take the two lightning pieces that are in the soil.
Go into the drainer.
Press on the weird pattern and copy the lights in order (like when reading English).
1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0
If you look around good, you will notice that there is a small hole in the wall.
Drink some shrinking potion to return to your full size.
Catch the fish when he is close enough to you.
Use the pattern from the drainer on his teeth.
If it's moving to fast for you,
you can change the waking speed to lowest and it will be slower. (In the options menu)
Take the handle.
Drink some more shrinking potion and go back to the drainer.
Use the handle in the hole.
Take the lightning piece and the green gem. (Only two more left)
Secret Room
Make yourself big again.
Take the lightning piece that is above the sign in the entrance.
Put all five lighting pieces in their holes.
Throw five lightning pieces at Tralaz as fast as you can!
If you don't succeed, just try again.
If it's too hard for you, it may help if you if you speed up the walking speed.
If it's still to hard just quickly save every time you hit him fast enough.
When you beat Tralaz, you will receive a red GAB card.
Castle Roof
Put the red GAB card and the magic book in the gab machine and press the button.
Take the magic book and read it.
Before using the spell it would be good if we found the blue and yellow gems.
The blue one is easy to find. Remember Blue=Ants.
Just LOOK around the ants in the first screen.
Go to the witch's house.
Witch's House
The witch found the yellow gem but she wants three things.
Give her the open box, the remote control and the goggles.
Cloud Room
Put all the gems in their holes.
Read the magic book and you will receive the astronaut suit.
Fly all the way to the right and enter Zooloo.

The End
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