Full Length Adventure Game (with speech)

Game Outline

Your name is Silly. You are an alien trying to find a way to get back to your home planet Zooloo.



Walkthroughs & Hints

"The Quest To Zooloo" Official Walkthrough
"The Quest To Zooloo" AGS Hints Forum

User Quotes (From The AGS Forums)

dogberry: "I've completed it! What an excellent game well done!"
Kika: "I finished the game and liked it a lot. Silly is very funny. Please do make other sequelS."
dcbert: "Finished game and by the way I thought it was great! HATS OFF TO YOU."
marlamoe: "I love this game. I am really enjoying it, but it is pretty difficult."
Eli: "I´m very glad with this game, jejjeje CONGRATULATIONS!"
mags_don: "should see my kids..mom, whats so funny or why are you getting mad?"
SHE DEVIL: "This is the GREATEST GAME EVER !!! You will work hard but most of all your brain will."
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